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How to change old "Triggers"-Why We Keep Repeating the Same Patterns

Have you ever found yourself doing the same thing over and over again, even though you know it's not good for you? Maybe it's a bad habit, a toxic relationship, or a self-destructive thought pattern. You know you should change, but for some reason, you keep falling back into the same old patterns. The reason for this is that we are often triggered by old habits, beliefs, and experiences that are deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds.

Our subconscious minds are responsible for many of our automatic thoughts and behaviors. They are shaped by our past experiences, conditioning, and learned responses. These subconscious triggers can be powerful, causing us to repeat the same patterns even when we know they are not serving us.

But it's not all doom and gloom. You can learn to identify and change your old triggers, creating new patterns that are more aligned with your goals and values.

Identifying Your Triggers

The first step in changing your old triggers is to identify them. This requires self-awareness and an understanding of your past experiences and conditioning. With the help of a mind coach, you can explore your subconscious beliefs and patterns, and identify the triggers that are holding you back.

Creating New Patterns

Once you've identified your old triggers, the next step is to create new patterns. This involves reprogramming your subconscious mind through techniques like hypnosis and visualization. By creating new neural pathways and associations, you can break free from your old habits and create new, healthier patterns.

Staying Accountable

Changing old triggers is not an overnight process, and it requires commitment and consistency. It's important to stay accountable to yourself and your goals and to seek support when you need it.

In this video, I talk about how you can learn to stay calmer, even when you are angry and would normally explode, and how you can stay more at ease with yourself, even when someone is trying to hurt you. You will learn how to change your old "triggers", and stay in control of your emotions, no matter what uncomfortable emotion, be it sadness, anger, or maybe loneliness.

I can help you stay on track and provide guidance and support as you create new patterns.

If you want to go deeper and create the life you get excited about, feeling happier, more at ease, and more confident, book a first call with me HERE, and let's find out how I can help you specifically.

In my video, I mention my program "Peace and Calm in 7 Days". A mindful approach to reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. 7 Days - 7 Audios - 7 Videos 1 chapter per day bringing a calming and relaxing exercise to you to learn: - how to stay in the present moment, - how to connect with your body and your mind, - how not to respond to feelings of anxiety, - how to stay aware, - how to pause, - how to be more compassionate, - about the nature of change.

You can check it out here.

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