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What if...

you had full support and guidance at hand that will help you through times of worry, overthinking, fears, and stress? No matter where you are, it is always available to you.

My programs will give you all the understanding and the tools you would need to help you find more ease, joy, and clarity instantly. They are actionable, easy to use, easy to implement, and give you sustainable results if you are willing to engage. 

Based on science, IEMT, hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness, meditation, and psychology they combine educational and transformational content for you to use at your own pace and time.   

Your Happiness is in your hands.

Are you feeling stuck in life?

Even though you are aware of the situation you feel helpless, powerless, and frustrated.

Do you feel stuck in the past and try to understand why you are the way you are - yet this doesn't get you moving forward?

Do you feel somewhat wrong in who you are, feeling not enough?

Are you perfect in perfecting your perfectionism?

Do you often feel guilty, overly responsible, or ashamed? 


Healing starts from within.

In the free workshop, you learn...
... how you can let go of beliefs that block you from creating a life that excites you.
... how you can heal old emotional wounds and become more loving towards yourself. 
how you can feel stronger now, as an adult, and correct old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.
... how to let go of the urge to always have to be perfect and in control.
... how to find out, what your needs are and how you can fulfill them. 
... how you can stop running against the same old walls and start moving forward.

Free Download

self sabotage

"Stop Holding Yourself Back: Conquer Self-Sabotage"

"Stop Holding Yourself Back," is your key to overcoming self-sabotage. Break free from limiting beliefs and negative patterns! 


Your Free Audio For Success.


creativity cards


Welcome to a World of Creativity!

Embrace your creativity.

Share your passion.

Let the world see the artist within you.


The Creative Problem-Solving Cards are here to help you shine.


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tools, tips, strategies, and hypnosis


You are fully responsible for your personal outcome. If you really want to change the way you think, feel, and behave my products will give you the tools and help you to achieve what you want. In no way is any of my products replacing professional evaluation or therapy. Do consider finding professional help, when you suffer severely. You don't need to stay alone with this.

I have created every course and recording with the best intention of helping you to help yourself and I hope you will enjoy all your learnings and move forward in life feeling much better!

Do not listen to the audio recordings while driving a car or operating machinery. Make some space, take some time, and enjoy the exercises undisturbed.

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