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Self Care Toolbox

79,90 €

The Self Care Toolbox is a collection of resources, practical tools and techniques, to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mental well being. Set your own goals and choose now to feel better.

Learn Selfhypnosis

14,90 €

This recording will help you to learn the skill of Selfhypnosis, while you are relaxed and in a nice hypnotic state.

free for a limited time

At times you feel like you are losing control over your thoughts, emotions, your life. When anxiety kicks in, your belly starts turning, your body is shaking, you feel stressed out.
Relax and find some calm, learning to take back control with this recording.

Hiding - NO MORE! - Overcoming Social Anxiety

189,00 €

“Hiding – No More!” is a Self-Help-Program, where I support you with my knowledge and experience, giving you the tools to help you overcome Social Anxiety.

End Procrastination and Accomplish your Goals

14,90 €

This recording is meant for you to relax into the moment, end procrastination to move forward and create an anchor for the future that allows you to stay on track.

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