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Hiding - No More!

Your Path to Overcoming Social Anxiety

“Hiding – No More!” is a Self-Help-Program, where I support you with my knowledge and experience to help you overcome your Social Anxiety. You will get to understand what Anxiety actually is and you will learn dynamic tools and effective techniques to regain self-esteem and confidence, accepting yourself more. Furthermore you receive four different mp3-files on different topics for you to listen to (on a regular basis) and to enjoy.


The program aims for deep long lasting learning so you can easily lay the ground to becoming a confident and self-assured person enjoying the company of others and experiencing social situations as a beautiful and connecting part of life. To get the most out of the program it is necessary for you to take action.


You are fully responsible of your personal outcome. If you really want to change the way you think, feel and behave this program will give you the tools and help you to achieve what you want. In no way is this program replacing professional evaluation or therapy. Do consider to find professional help, when you suffer severely. You don't need to stay alone with this.


What is this Program all about?


Week 1



You will learn to understand the circle of anxiety;

You will understand what it is that triggers your fear and when it occurs;

You will learn to accept its existence and make peace with your fear;

You will understand that you are not stuck with it for life and that you are able to overcome it effortlessly and quickly.


Week 2


You will learn how to create a calm and relaxed state of body and mind even when your fear kicks in;

You will learn how to ground yourself and stay in the reality of the Here and Now;

By way of vibrant tools and valuable techniques, I will help you to release anxiety instantly when it shows up;

And with time and regular practice you will understand and learn how to easily deal with those incorrectly sent out signals from your body. Eventually that confusing noise will be silenced.


Week 3


You will learn how to program your mind and thoughts into positive communications with yourself and focus in the right direction, in order to gain and maintain control of your confidence.

You will strengthen your Self Esteem and learn to respect your needs.

You will learn to challenge Negative Beliefs and transform them into Positives.

You will learn how to expand your comfort zone and to feel comfortable even with uncertainties of future events.


Week 4


You will strengthen your self esteem and learn to respect your needs.

You will learn to live mindfully and accept yourself for who you are.

You will learn to let go of the Past and stop worrying about the future.

What you get:


- a comprehensive Manual to read and work through

- the comprehensive Manual as an Audio Book to listen to, wherever you are. It comes especially in handy, when you do the practical exercises.


- 4 videos with additional tools and techniques to help you to let go of emotional pain, release stress, tension and anxiety and to practise self love.

- 1 video meditation for more calm, peace, resilience.

- 10+1 Tips for developing and maintaining more Self Love on a daily basis

- 6 different mp3's you can listen to whenever you need, that will help you to reduce anxiety, practice relaxation, letting go of the past and strengthen your selfacceptance and selflove.

Please Note: Do not listen to any of those mp3s driving a car or operating machinery or having to be focused and concentrated otherwise.

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