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What If 
Anxiety And Self-Doubt
Stop Making Decisions For You?

I see you

with your fears, insecurities, and pain.

You know something needs to change,

but you don't know how.

Anxiety, low self-esteem, and toxic relationships are not only exhausting,

they suck the joy and peace out of life. 

You have probably tried a lot of things to finally feel free to be yourself, confidently.

And still, you feel trapped and struggle with self-doubt, and old inner demons from the past that block you.

IEMT and Hypnotherapy can help you leave the past behind so that you can rebuild your life on your terms. It's fast, safe and effective.

What Others Say


making peace with your past, letting go of any inner conflict or trauma, that no longer has to hold you back.

Imagine moving forward, advancing your career, improving your relationships, and feeling more confident, at ease, and joyful just living and being.

If you want to be excited about your life again, know that you can create it. If you want to be happy again, I can help.

Changework that moves you

We will work together step-by-step to help you identify your goals, break through your inner barriers, and develop the mindset and strategies you need to succeed in finding greater fulfillment in your life.

happinesscoding christine philipp hypnotist & mindcoach IEMT

Are you ready to take back control of your life and be happy?...


...because the process begins with you and your decision to change the way you feel, think, and behave.

You'll meet me and make sure I’m the right person to help you,

and I'll meet you to make sure your mind responds well to the way I work.

15-20 mins

Christine Philipp IEMT Hypnosis Coaching

About Me

My purpose is to help you to get to a better place than you are currently in. I stand for the transformation that feels as natural as breathing, where your past no longer dictates your present.

My promise and commitment to you: I show up fully with honesty, integrity, and years of experience.

Through a unique, non-trance combination of IEMT, hypnotherapy, and coaching, I help you to go where you want to be.

Your Coach, Your Guide, Your Confidante

overcoming toxic relationships guide

"Healing Heart.
Overcoming Toxic Relationships & Rediscovering Yourself".

Unveiling the Truth: Understanding Toxic Relationships

Are you tired of feeling trapped in toxic relationships that drain your energy and diminish your self-worth? Discover the keys to breaking free and reclaiming your life. In this FREE Chapter of my transformative guide, you'll learn to identify the signs of toxic relationships, understand their impact on your well-being, and gain practical insights to help you take the first steps toward healing and liberation. Join me and create your path to a life filled with happiness, self-love, and healthy connections.

Gratitude Journal - Happinesscoding

Are you looking to bring more happiness into your life?


Then sign up for my newsletter and receive a free copy of "Happy Heart".


It's a collection of the perfect tools for you to help you cultivate a positive mindset and find joy in everyday moments. You receive 3 tools for fast and effective anxiety relief, a meditation for more happy moments, a gratitude journal, and much more! It's time to spread happiness, one email at a time.

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