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I help you to overcome Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

so you can enjoy your life feeling like yourself again,

more confident, at ease and happy.

Are you ready to Take back Control?

Covid-19 Update:

I resume my service in person as of

Monday, 11th of May 2020.

I continue to work online, too.


There are no words to describe the sessions I had with Christine. Amazing is the first word that comes to mind, but it does not even cover it. Christine is kind, patient, non-judgmental and understanding. Her method and presence literally changed me. I was dealing with deep issues, and she gave me a sense of peace and inner joy. No matter what happens around me now, I feel OK, I can deal with it all by simply connecting with my true self. She is a magician, I would recommend her to anyone looking at solving deep - unresolved issues, as well as any other problems affecting their happiness and daily life. Thank you again Christine - for being you and for helping me.

Joanna P.


It is nothing short of a miracle, and you can't explain miracles, so I'll just tell you that after the first half an hour session with Christine I was freed from what I called my 6 o'clock panic which had made me drink a bottle of wine every evening for many many years. However, even though I was freed from the compulsive need, I found myself still drinking just out of old habit. In just another session Christine persuaded my subconscious mind to give up that, too. And now, it's as if daily alcohol induced escape from reality had never slaved me! I am very grateful to Christine who got me in touch with my subconscious mind. The key to freedom was there and Christine helped me find it. She can turn you into a magician with the power to transform your life!

Bibi R.


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I  M  A  G  I  N  E

How would your life look like when that crippling anxiety is a thing of the past?

When you feel like your normal self again?

What else will change, when you go through life feeling more confident and happy just being YOU ?

Imagine waking up, feeling light and looking forward to the day ahead, being able to enjoy your life with more ease, knowing deep down you are capable and you can handle whatever comes your way.

You are ready to go for it!

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