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I'm Christine Philipp, Consulting Hypnotist

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I help you to let go of anxiety & take back control.


Enjoy your life feeling like yourself again,

more confident, at ease and happy.


Where do I start? I've been struggling with understanding how to feel happy in myself and tried several different counselling sessions with others until I happened upon Christine. She is the first person to truly help me search deep inside myself for the reasons and solutions to finally bring me to a place where I'm content in myself. She listened and expertly coaxed me to answer my own questions and find my own solutions to finding the inner peace I craved so much. I'm indebted to Christine for leading me out of the place I was and knowing she is there if I need to go back is of tremendous solace. I am not sure the term Hypnotherapist does her justice, shes also a life coach, counsellor and extremely understanding warm hearted positive person. She bakes a mean cookie too! Thank you Christine for the enlightening experience and helping me cast out those dark shadows that have plagued me for years.

C. B.


After over 2 years of trying 2 psychotherapists, doing yoga, meditating etc I felt like I was still stuck with serious post-traumatic stress and anxiety. Christine has helped me tremendously and I feel like I am turning into the old, happy me again. She has a very personal approach and truly puts her heart into her job. I went on 4 sessions and we really worked well together and even laughed a lot too (which I didn't expect). I highly recommend her as she has helped me more than any other professional out there. Thanks Christine, I will hold you to that coffee!



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I  M  A  G  I  N  E

How would your life look like when that crippeling anxiety is a thing of the past?

When you feel like your normal self again?

What else will change, when you go through life feeling more confident and happy just being YOU ?

Imagine waking up, feeling light and looking forward to the day ahead, being able to enjoy your life with more ease, knowing deep down you are capable and you can handle whatever comes your way.

You are ready to go for it!

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