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An Easy Self-Hypnosis Blueprint

Can I really hypnotize myself?

We are all hypnotized all of the time.

Do we perceive the world around us as it is or are we looking through our own personal lenses? What would you say? Why does the color red appear pink to some, or blue can look like green to others? Why does someone enjoy the party and someone else thinks, it is a waste of time being there?

Everything we have learned and experienced is shaping how we see the world and ourselves. We are just not consciously aware of it all of the time. Our conscious mind is able to process 7 +/-2 bits of information at any given time. The unconscious mind is able to catch so much more, without us having to think about it.

Or have you noticed how you are breathing right now, what facial expression you have right now, what your shirt feels like on your skin, the sounds around you, all of them? Probably not until you begin to focus on it. Yet the information has been there and your unconscious mind takes note of it.

When you suffer from anxiety and you experience extraordinary stress your thoughts about it play a big role.

What happens usually is; once it gets going it appears to be unstoppable and it looks like there is nothing you can do about it. You are in your personal problem trance. So many thoughts are running through your head, often so automatically you won't even notice anymore, that you are thinking them. You feel overwhelmed, paralyzed, and helpless. Your body is producing adrenalin and cortisol to prepare you for your "fight for life". You notice how your body feels and it stresses you out even more. All you can do now is to move out of this situation as fast and as best as you can.

You are hypnotized.

You buy into the perception, that something dangerous out there is going to get you.

self hypnosis safe place

To keep a long story short: Your mind is powerful. And you are capable of influencing the way you think, feel, and behave. One way to do that is self-hypnosis. There are many different ways to make good use of it and it is easier than you think.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide for you:

1) Set yourself a time frame. Tell yourself that you would like to go into self-hypnosis for 10 minutes (or whatever your preferred time is).

2) Set yourself a goal and state it in a positive way.

For example: If you feel stressed out, do not say: I don't want to feel so stressed anymore.

Instead, say to yourself: I want to feel calm and much more relaxed.

Your unconscious mind picks up on what you want it to provide to you, not what you don't want. So be specific, positive, and clear.

3) How do you want to feel after the session? You either want to feel refreshed, alert, more confident, and motivated, or in case you would like to go to bed and sleep, you prefer to feel deeply relaxed and fall asleep easily.

4) Induce hypnosis. There are so many different ways you could experiment with and find out, what suits you best.

One way could be, once you found yourself a comfortable place, made sure you won't be disturbed, to find a spot on the wall you could look at. Sit still, breathe calmly, and just look on that spot, really focus. After a while you will notice the focus of your eyes changes, things might get blurry, colors change, and your eyes get heavy.

Allow that to happen and as your eyes get so heavy and relaxed you can just allow them to close.

Send that relaxation through your whole body and you can just imagine going through different parts of your body and releasing the tension in the muscles.

You could also imagine a staircase that you would like to go down to a comfortable state of profound hypnosis. It might have 10 steps and with each step, you go deeper down.

Or imagine one of your favorite colors, and if you think you can't, just pretend you can. You could begin to imagine an object with that color you like and expand on that color. Imagine this color flowing through your body from head to toe and how it relaxes every muscle, washing all over you as you are going deeper.

Send your mind to a special place, a safe place, a place you enjoy. It doesn't matter if that place exists or if your mind invents it on the spot.

Once you are feeling relaxed and calm just keep enjoying. There is nothing you have to do, nothing can bother you, you are there, having your moment, your time and it feels good.

Whatever you experience is your experience and it is perfectly right for you. You can allow your thoughts to come and go, there is no right, no wrong. Trust your unconscious mind to do the work beyond your awareness and it will bring you back when it is time.

Let me know, how you experience this easy way to self-hypnosis and the difference it can bring into your life.


Christine Philipp Hypnotherapy


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