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Thoughts 101: Understanding the Nature of Your Inner World

Your thoughts create your reality. Well, yes, in a way. And so many people find themselves being afraid of any negative thought, that crosses their minds. And they try to push them away with all their available energy. And they try to force themselves into thinking positively. Success rate? ... Magic doesn't happen when you force yourself into thinking positively. You might just add another stress: "What if it doesn't work next time?",

"OMG, another negative thought, I need to fight it now.",

"What if I just don't believe my positive affirmations? That proves I am not good enough, too weak, not trying hard enough."...etc. It doesn't happen when you fight against "negative thoughts". It is not so helpful to pressure yourself into "having to get rid of" the anxious thoughts, or into "I should be able to let go of" something. Magic can happen when you can allow yourself to have "that thought" and it doesn't resonate with you in terms of stress or anxiety. Magic happens, when you stop "working on it", fighting, and trying too hard. A thought comes and goes, and another thought appears and passes. That is all there is to it.

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Just take a moment and play with that idea:

As you sit comfortably, you can close your eyes, allowing yourself to sink into the chair, becoming aware of your weight in the chair, the space you take, and all the space around you,

and just be.

Notice a thought coming as it emerges.

Are you even able to notice the thought as it emerges?

Or was it already there, when you became aware of it?

Could you hold it or did it already pass?

That thought, was it an image, a little movie, a sound, or words?

Notice when it is gone. Really try and catch that very moment.

What happens then?

Is that thought you just had already replaced by a different one? Is there silence?

Just notice without judgment.

All those thoughts didn't tell you anything about "the truth", or "the reality", did they?

As they come they go, like waves, as you internally switch, the thoughts switch.

Realizing the chatter that goes on as chatter, not more, not less, can be really freeing and easing.

Enjoy contemplating that.

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