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End Procrastination and Accomplish your Goals

14,90 €

This recording is meant for you to relax into the moment, end procrastination to move forward and create an anchor for the future that allows you to stay on track.

9,90 €

Create a hopeful outlook onto the future as you relax and find ease and calm.

9,90 €

At times you feel like you are losing control over your thoughts, emotions, your life. When anxiety kicks in, your belly starts turning, your body is shaking, you feel stressed out. You would love to run away from everything and hide somewhere. Your head is full of negative thoughts and worst case scenarios. You feel awfully insecure and down, you isolate yourself and avoid the things you usually would like to do.

You would love to regain your control. You would love to be able to do the things you would like to do without fear, insecurity and feelings of panic. You would like to be out there, living your life freely and joyful.

Hiding - NO MORE!

129,00 €

Do you know that feeling of being in the spotlight the moment you have to leave the house? All around you are eyes, that just wait for you to trip over and fall, to embarrass yourself publicly in order to have a laugh and a story to tell? Everybody is watching you, thinking how weird, ugly, pointless you are.

Friends and colleagues tolerate you, but secretly they probably think the worst of you.

You are convinced you are incompetent, stupid, inarticulate and you put every effort in just trying to hide it in front of others. Your life is constant distress.

You just want to hide, be invisible, unnoticed and disappear.

“Hiding – No More!” is a Self-Help-Program, where I support you with my knowledge and experience to help you overcome Social Anxiety.

Self Care Toolbox - SPECIAL OFFER during Corona crises

39,90 €

The Self Care Toolbox is a collection of resources to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mental well being. It unites a set of hand picked breathing & relaxation techniques, visualizations, self hypnosis exercises and a reflection sheet to challenge negative thinking. As an added bonus it contains 2 videos with very easy to learn techniques and three different mp3-files for you to listen to and to enjoy. You can pick, choose and use, what you like, when you like and how you like. Set your own goals and choose now to feel better.


Your life is kind of OK or even good, yet there is something missing.

For some reason you don't feel content or happy.

You might missing a bit of Self Love and Acceptance.


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