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Your life is kind of OK or even good, yet there is something missing.

For some reason you don't feel content or happy.

You might missing a bit of Self Love and Acceptance.


Self Care Toolbox

59,90 €

The Self Care Toolbox is a collection of resources to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mental well being. It unites a set of hand picked breathing & relaxation techniques, visualizations, self hypnosis exercises and a reflection sheet to challenge negative thinking. As an added bonus it contains 2 videos with very easy to learn techniques and three different mp3-files for you to listen to and to enjoy. You can pick, choose and use, what you like, when you like and how you like. Set your own goals and choose now to feel better.

Hiding - NO MORE!

99,90 €

“Hiding – No More!” is a Self-Help-Program, where I support you with my knowledge and experience to help you overcome Social Anxiety.

You will not only learn to understand what Anxiety actually is, you will also learn how to break out of the repetitive cycle of fear-avoidance-worry and guilt-overwhelm and stress. You'll receive a full toolbox of dynamic and effective techniques to regain self-esteem and confidence, accepting yourself more. 

The program aims for deep long lasting learning so you can easily lay the ground to becoming a confident and self-assured person enjoying the company of others and experiencing social situations as a beautiful and connecting part of life. To get the most out of the program it is necessary for you to take action.


You are fully responsible of your personal outcome. If you really want to change the way you think, feel and behave this program will give you the tools and help you to achieve what you want. In no way this course is replacing professional evaluation or therapy. Do consider to find professional help, when you suffer severely. You don't need to stay alone with this.

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