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New Year's Resolutions are uncool? - I am in!

It's New Year's Eve.

One of the classic days, when some of us begin to think about life. What we have achieved, what we still dream about, what we could change or improve.

A day where some of us make resolutions if we like to admit it or not.

and don't they mostly look every year a bit the same?

We would like to eat more healthy,

do more exercise,

stop smoking and/or drinking,

get up early,

be super productive and energized,

or begin to set more boundaries,

saying no more often,

You know those. :) the list is endless.

We start all in and lose all enthusiasm as the days go by in the first month already. We are letting our goal just slip through our fingers, becoming more frustrated and disappointed about ourselves.

Sounds familiar?

If it does I have 3 tips for you today to not only get you rolling but keep you rolling and make it easier for you to actually achieve your goals.

And btw. it doesn't have to be the 1st of January. You can start every day to change something about your life. We like to choose special dates as a reference for something and that is all good because it can indeed motivate us to stay on track. At the same time, the pressure is on. And creating something new under pressure is not off to the best start.

A quick recap of the tips:

1) do a little thing and do it consistently, improving methodically with time minimizing any resistance.

2) decide if this is YOUR change, meaningful, and serving your wellbeing. Dive into your vision to make it really yours and keep optimistic and passionate about it.

3) stick with it, develop a routine, a habit, and stay kind and compassionate with yourself.

With that, I will let you enjoy your day and your transition into your new year. Make it a delightful and happy one and while you are at it:

Enjoy being human!

Enjoy playing!

Stay curious!

Be kind to yourself. And if you like my videos subscribe to my channel, and hit the notification bell to be notified about every new upload. Share the videos with someone who would benefit from them, comment, and hit the thumb up.

If you want to go deeper and create the life you get excited about, feeling happier, more at ease and confident, book a first call with me HERE and let's find out how I can help you specifically.

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