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Creating New Habits in 3,2,1

Life, for some people, seems to be a constant fight and effort, based on the belief that you only can be rewarded, when you work hard, when you fight harder, and when you sacrifice all pleasure in between.

And of course, you have to be rewarded after all. There must be an end result, a medal, a pedestal, and then you can be happy, satisfied, and content.

Creating a new habit, a change, or a transformation, something more constructive and helpful, needs to be still hard work and can only be achieved with a lot of effort and discipline.

I find that developing a new habit can be done in minutes and can be easily sustainable because it could be something you actually LOVE doing. Maybe something you haven't even considered doing, maybe something that seems too easy, too small, too banal, too effortless to do?

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I remember my last holidays. Already on day 1, I knew, I have something, that is so easy, so enjoyable, and so positive to me, I could spend each day doing this and I did it with zero discipline or effort.

Every early morning I went to my favorite place to have a delicious coffee and after that, I went walking at the sea for about 30-45 minutes. I felt fresh, motivated, and happy. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning ritual and wouldn't mind having the sea at my doorstep at all times.

A new habit was born, just like that.

When you find something, that is in line with you, things you love, where time flies and you simply just do enjoy them, a new habit can be born and it's truly yours.

If you try something, because others do so or say so, it can be harder to become second nature to you.

So many people tell me, they tried to meditate, they tried Yoga, they tried mindfulness, they tried exercising, eating healthy, you name it.

It didn't work for them, because they were trying hard to achieve something and to be rewarded for the work they have done.

"So where is peace of mind? Where is the inner balance? I have done it all and still can't find it."

Don't look for a reward,

don't wait for results,

and don't grind for the sake of something that is not to be found in the end.

It is in the process, in the joy of doing where you can find, what you're looking for.

The reward is to be found in how something makes you feel.

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