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Heart Confetti

Self Love

Your life is kind of OK or even good, yet there is something missing.

For some reason you don't feel content or happy.


You may compare yourself to others too much.

You doubt yourself, your abilities, capacity.

Your inner critic has a lot to say about you on a daily basis.


You might have even tried some things to change. You have read self help books, practised positive affirmations in front of a mirror, telling yourself: “I love myself.”

Somehow it didn't work. Nothing seems to stick.


You are still not getting to a place of acceptance of who you are and who you want to be.

You are craving the ease that comes with more self love.


So many things seem to be easier from a place of full self love and acceptance.

It is not the end of the world, when you make a mistake.

You feel more relaxed, even if you have arguments in your relationship or stress at work.

If only you could get that inner critic to be silent more often,

your head would be free for things you would enjoy much more.

Get my E-Book with 10+1 practical Tips to practise and gain more Self Love and Acceptance on a daily basis. Included in this package is an audio recording to learn to love yourself more. (When you are listening to it, make sure you are not operating machinery, driving a car or will otherwise be distracted.)


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