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Self Care Toolbox

The Self Care Toolbox is a collection of tools and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mental well being. It unites a set of hand picked breathing & relaxation techniques, visualizations, self hypnosis exercises and a reflection sheet to challenge negative thinking. As an added bonus it contains of three different mp3-files for you to listen to and to enjoy. You are your own expert. You can pick, choose and use, what you like, when you like and how you like. Make your pick and mix as you wish, set your own goals and choose now to feel better.

What you get:

- 1 reflection/worksheet to reduce overwhelm and anxiety, challenge negative thoughts and create new possibilities of thinking

- 10+1 Tips for developing and maintaining more self love

- 2 easy-to-use self hypnosis exercises

- 1 technique to integrate your strengths, qualities and creating confidence, or any state you wish for.

- A collection of breathing and relaxation-techniques

- 3 videos with additional tools and techniques to release stress, tension and anxiety

- 4 mp3 files:

> for letting go of overwhelming and negative thoughts,

> for more self love and self acceptance and

> for a positive outlook into the future.

Please note: In no way is this toolbox replacing any professional evaluation or therapy. Do consider to find professional help, when you suffer severely. You don't need to stay alone with this.

Get your Self Care Toolbox for 79,90

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