You are already your "BEST" Self

Some time ago I had a conversation about how all those motivational memes, motivational speakers and a lot of the personal development business is rather DEmotivating and even depressing.

I totally agree with that. It makes me feel tired too, to read about how I am not living my full potential, having to be my Best Self at all times, having to exercise, meditate, journal, only surrounding myself with positive people, having positive thoughts myself, always etc.

It makes me tired to receive the message, I am apparently not good enough the way I am and have to put effort in my evolvment 24/7,

having to be careful what to eat, what to drink, what to do, what to say and how to say it, even, what to think and not to think. I do love my comfort zone! And I don't think I need to stretch it all the time.

A lot of my clients feel that constant pressure too and it saddens me, that so many people feel like a failure, just because they believe they don't seem to be able to be in peak performance state at all times.

I believe we are our Best Selves given the contexts we are in, at all times already. Could we have done

certain things differently at certain times, in certain situations? Probably, yet we didn't and at that moment it was what we were able to be, to do, to give and that is absolutely fine.

Please, do more of what you really love doing and if it is nothing sometimes, zapping through Netflix lazy on your sofa or eating too much chocolate and chips from time to time, it is perfectly fine! No need to beat yourself up for anything, especially not for just being and being yourself in all facettes there are!

When you begin to appreciate those times more, those times where you just do what you love in that moment, without it being "Instagramable" without judging yourself, just accepting and enjoying them, you will be surprised what this will do for your well being and motivation, the best motivational speaker is you!