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Time to Worry, Time to Rest

Imagine you are standing in a dark room and the only light you have is a little flashlight.

How far does this flashlight reach? How much of the room can you actually see?

It is the same when you only focus on the circumstances we are all in right now. That is the only thing you see, all the rest stays out of your awareness.

No surprise that stress, worry, and anxiety become so overwhelming when the only focus is this huge "what if", that no one can grasp yet.

Widen the view and change focus, at least from time to time.

Allow some ease into your situation.

Worries don't solve a problem. Worries don't offer a solution.

Worries narrow the view like a flashlight.

It is absolutely ok to not know right now.

It is absolutely ok to be confused and to get reorganized.

We all are amateurs in life.

When you were growing up you were surrounded by many more things you didn't know. How did you handle it back then?

If you can't switch off the worries, I understand that. Then give them a bit of space and time. Make it a ritual to set a timer for 15-20 minutes reserved exclusively for your worries and write all of them down. Get them out of your system and stop, when the timer goes off. Burn the paper and do something else till the next day, when you deliberately have a date with your worries.

It is a playful way to stay in control. It allows you to worry, it allows you to let go. You set the conditions. And little by little you will need fewer of those dates, you get annoyed by your worries and you find more ease inside, understanding how pointless those worries have been.

And then you get back to more clear thoughts

and notice how anxiety levels decrease

and notice that you can experience comfort in uncertainty

and notice how you can solve problems differently.


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