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World Mental Health Day

It is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY today and surprise, surprise I am here to remind everybody how important it is to keep mentally healthy as well as physically.

It saddens me to experience mental health still being such a TABOO topic in 2019. Yes, it is getting slightly better, but still, people prefer to pretend that they live a perfect life feeling perfectly fine at all times, and the endless beaches and blue skies behind ever-so-happy faces on social media, in magazines, advertising are not helping much to correct a perception of how life "SHOULD" be like. It creates such an unrealistic and toxic image and makes us "normal" people likely to feel like failures, incapable of "living the BEST SELF(IE)-LIFE" and insufficient.

There is no shame in feeling low, anxious, depressed, empty, and/or lonely. Life is not about riding unicorns into the sunset and I won't get tired to advocate being human in ALL of the colors, the dark ones included! It is about how you are riding the waves of life, not extinguishing them. And you don't have to ride them alone. Asking for help from family, friends or professionals is a strength, not a weakness. It is a strength because you know yourself well enough to feel when help is useful for you and you respect yourself enough to acknowledge that you deserve to get better and get the help you need for this.

Take good care of yourself mentally, Amen. #WorldMentalHealthDay


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