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8 ways to heal from a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can be incredibly damaging to our mental and emotional well-being, but breaking free from them can be difficult. If you're feeling trapped in a toxic relationship, know that you're not alone. In this post, I'll share eight practical ways to break free from a toxic relationship and begin the journey toward healing and renewal.


take your time to grief on every level, don't ignore your emotions, take them with you spend time with them allow them to pass naturally


use your recovery from the toxic relationship as a constructive mirror for your own topics, avoid blaming and shaming yourself


look lovingly at relationship patterns & communication styles you have witnessed & learned in childhood, explore with self-compassion


become aware of your needs & wants & non-negotiables


learn to set & defend healthier boundaries for yourself & others, based on your needs, wants & non-negotiables


restore your innate self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem, self-trust & confidence


keep company with people that support you, help you, accept you, helping you to feel good about yourself


in your own time find the courage to open your heart to love again

Bonus :)

celebrate your freedom, your strengths, your resilience, your power to recover & live

I can help with that. The Toxic Relationship Antidote is a program for men to recover from toxic relationships and rebuild their lives on their terms. Find more information HERE.

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