The tyranny of perfectionism

It's lonely being perfect,

especially when you're not.


Perfectionism is at the heart of so much pain and suffering.

It can cause anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and problems I can't even think of right now.


Others feel uncomfortable, intimidated, insecure in the presence of a perfectionist and rather leave.

The perfect perfectionist looks down on people who are "just" people,

but even more so on himself.

The result is loneliness and self punishment.


The world becomes a very dark, small place of

right and wrong,

black or white,

all or nothing.


Perfectionism sucks the light out of life.

It can stop people from loving and being loved.


As in playing a game, life is a fight and a constant competition fired by the need to achieve something and to be the best at everything. Everything is about winning.


What other point is there to play a game?


To play.


To play creates connection, joy and laughter.

To play is fun and exploring is widening horizons.

To play is learning and growing.

To play is experience.

To play is acceptance.

To play is learning to lose that round and winning another

and being ok with both.

To play is team spirit.

To play is lively, up, down and everything in between.

To play is always imperfect.


Embracing being human and imperfect makes one humane.

It makes others like you more,

feeling relaxed around you, being wonderfully imperfect themselves.


It makes others trust you more and respect you more, as you are able to make mistakes and don't need to play the blame and shame game any longer.

You make yourself lovable, unique and a safe place to be around.


Let's empower each other, encourage each other,

let's connect on a human level more often.

Let's play more.


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