That dreadful Fear of Flying

Do you need 3 drinks at the airport to get on that plane?

It’s holiday time.

Your loved one organised a romantic getaway into the sun, just for some days. Nothing better could happen in those grey and wet winter days, can it?And yet, that was exactly what you dreaded would happen. The tickets and hotel are booked. There is no way out. Your partner is happy and excited to go on that trip and lets you know in every way possible.

How the hell should you go on that plane without fainting? Expecting the worst? Those turbulences through rain and storm freak you out. You are convinced you’re not going to make it out there alive. There is no ground under your feet and you are trapped in this tiny space with all those people. Just by thinking about it, breathing becomes difficult. You feel suffocated and your stomach turns.

You count the days…..tomorrow I need to get on that plane….where is my medication? Let me google, what I need to do….oh no….I cancel. I will find an excuse, I play ill. My partner will be disappointed and we will spend the days in silent frustration. So what. All is better than flying.

And then you find yourself on your way to the airport, your legs are weak, you already feel your throat tightening, Security control. I can’t leave, can I? This endless waiting, bringing your inner horror to life.

Just breathe...doesn’t help. Squeeze your middle finger…..doesn’t help. It will be OK…...doesn’t help.

Let me just have one drink… let me just have another, it will help. Before you know it you had three and you begin to feel numb. You feel dizzy and you hope you can just sleep through the flight…

Here is a Tip to help you to reduce that fear. Something you can do right now and it has the power to change how you feel about flying in the future.

I have worked with many people who had the same fear and here is what I have learned:

What is the difference between you and people who don’t have that fear of flying?

They don’t think about it.

Yes. They just fly.

Their focus is on those wonderful sunny holidays they are going to experience. They feel excited to see something else than their daily surrounding. They look forward to some rest and relaxation, some time out.

When you experience the fear you usually play the worst that can happen through your head like in an endless spiral. You completely forget you are thinking yourself into anxiety.

All you do is FEELING something in your body is happening and it feels as if there is a real threat in front of you.

An emotion like anxiety can only last about 90 seconds. Everything longer than that is entertained by your thoughts in anticipation of something else.

Realising, this is what you do, can turn the tables on your fearful self.

Just take that moment in comfort and close your eyes. Take yourself through that scenario in fine detail. From booking the tickets, to the way to the airport, to the flight itself, through turbulences, through unknown noises.

At first you might feel your heart beating, your palms sweating, your knees shaking…

Open your eyes.

You are still here, right? In your comfortable chair, at home. Nothing happened. You were not flying, you are alive. In fact you don’t even have a ticket.

Do it again.

And do it now with the awareness you are JUST THINKING. Doesn’t do much to you, does it?

Once this experience really sinks in, you cannot un-see it any more. And it might change your view on anxiety completely.

Anxiety is not your enemy. It is normal to feel nervous, when something new is about to happen. Your interpretation of what you feel is the difference between excitement or panic.

You can get over that old fear in no time. It can take only 1 session from dread to joy.

Imagine you are shaking when booking your next flight, because you can’t wait to surprise your loved one with that romantic getaway that YOU are planning.

You want to see their face, when you reveal your plans. You can’t wait to discover the world, new places and actually enjoy to be abroad.

Imagine you just go wherever you want to go.

Imagine how much freedom you gain, how that introduces more fun and new life into your relationship. Imagine to be able to visit your remote friends, how you feel by breathing freely, looking forward to everything you can discover and experience.

When you are thrilled to give yourself that freedom back, book your free 45 minute consultation with me. Just click HERE and we get started,

so you can escape those grey days and go on that romantic trip with your loved one.