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Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas starts to be all around us. We can’t turn without being reminded of that time of year, which is supposed to be a peaceful, loving, and giving time. For a lot of people, this is unfortunately anything, but. Christmas tends to be a highly emotional time and stressful for many of us for different reasons.


no matter how much time is eaten by things you are expected to do, there is always time for yourself!

You just need to grab it and unwind.

Just 5 minutes can be enough.

Bringing yourself out of your head,

into awareness of the moment,

easing the tension you feel inside.

A mini-recharge,

mini self-care,

mini attention to what is You.

It can be done by breathing, breathing with awareness.

As you sit or stand somewhere,

just place your hand on your belly,

noticing the way you are breathing and

slowing it down consciously, deepening your inhale, and exhaling just a bit longer.

Open the window or go in front of the house for just 5 minutes, or even less.

Breathe the freshness of the cold air,

notice the sound of the rain and wind (perfect for Belgium).

Just be!

Mindful. Present. Now.

Allow your thoughts to pass through your mind,

"gone with the wind"....it is OK,

another deep breath,

sound of traffic, it's OK,

still so much to do, what the hell, it's Ok...

hand, belly, breath,...


And join me in this guided meditation and let go of emotional load, stress, and anxiety before, during, or after Christmas.

This meditation is useful not only for Christmas, though. You can listen to it at any time during the year.

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Enjoy and have a peaceful Christmas time!

christine philipp hypnotist mind coach


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