Ethan felt sad and lonely, exhausted from running around and keeping up appearances.

No one knows.

He looks confident and funny. If someone has his things together, it is Ethan, or so they thought.

Ethan always helps everybody in need, Ethan can be called at 3 am. Ethan spreads positivity and cracks jokes. Ethan functions. Ethan is a valuable member of society. Ethan always comes last.

Till there is nothing left to give.

Slowly he learns to know his own needs. Recognising that he is the one who has to learn to say NO. Learning, that nobody leaves him, when he does so. And those who do, better leave fast, than misuse his kindness.

Ethan felt guilty and shameful for thinking, he has a right to exist and live. He thought, looking after himself would be selfish and narcissistic.

Something that comes to my mind and I tell so many of my clients:

Listen to the stewards in the airplanes!

When they go through the safety instructions they will tell you:

In case of emergency the oxygen mask drops. Put it on your face FIRST. You help no one, when you cannot breathe.

You always come first. When you nourish yourself, When you set your boundaries, When you take care of yourself.

Only then you will have the energy to help others, only then you won‘t feel empty and exhausted all the time. Only then you have strength and feel empowered.

When you take care of yourself and know yourself better, your positivity won‘t be fake any longer. The right people will be around you, the others won‘t be able to eat at you.

And if there is no one there at first, you still do enjoy your own company.

Having said that, enjoy your weekend! Be good !

And when you feel it's your time to get yourself started and you need help along the way, let's arrange your first free consultation.