Now is the time for a new habit

Now is a good time to create new habits for yourself. Having more time on your hands you can begin to add something you always wanted to start doing, yet always found an excuse.

As for a lot of us work online now, so do fitness trainers or Yoga teachers. You can build a little new routine by starting to do more of that, if you like. I haven't checked it, but there are probably lots of online courses, where you can decide, when your best time for exercising might be.

You can also find tons of meditatons on YouTube or diverse apps, if meditating is your new thing. I uploaded a free little meditation yesterday for you to download and use, when you need to find a place of calm and stability inside of you. You can find it HERE.

As someone who loves to cook, I personally find it very interesting right now to try new recipes and indulge in great, delicious new tastes, some more healthy then others... Cooking is very sensual and when you do it without stress, you gain (not weight, no) but more ease and joy.

And you will begin to eat differently, more mindful, tasting more, what you have created instead of simply chewing and swallowing. Everything about cooking and eating levels up. At a pro-level you can start experimenting and create.

A new habit doesn't have to be something big or really life changing.

It can be as small as a glass of water in the morning or making your own smoothies out of fresh fruit.

What counts is regularity, repetition and joy doing it.

Whatever it is that you fancy starting, chances are good you will keep that new habit in the long run, when you need to go back to office and life goes back to more normal.

Start in small dosages. When you want to do too much too long too often, you might lose interest and fun and it becomes just another chore.

Do as much or as little as you enjoy doing.

Make this a new beginning for yourself of some sort.

We need to use the opportunities to build something positive for our lives.

Stay healthy, be well.