Nature & Nurture

Nothing grows without love and care.

Some months ago neighbours moved out of the house I live in, leaving the plant on the picture in front of the house, out there to rot and die.

I have watched it standing there lost and abandoned for weeks.

It dried and crumbled in front of my eyes. Nobody had eyes for her or cared.

One day I couldn't stand this any longer and I took her in.

There was not much left of her, it was a sad view. One leaf was half alive, the rest was dried and dead.

I cleaned her, watered her deeply, gave her a new home in a new pot and soil on my terrace. Every day I talk to her (yes, I am one of those).

It was magic unfolding in front of my eyes. She recovered very fast and started to grow and now even blossom. It's only been some weeks now, but she quadrupled in size, is strong and healthy and happy.

Honestly, it warms my heart, what love and care can do. We are all like that, aren't we.

We all need light, water and soil to grow.

We all need love and care.

So think about it.

Do you have the right amount of light you need to shine?

Some need lots of light.

They need to be the center of attention, they need lots of people, lots of light.

Others prefer shade or only some sun here and there.

How much light do you need and do you give it to yourself?

Some plants need a lot of water and some thrive when it is more dry. Water is part of our nurture.

Water is music, art, books, culture, travel, beauty of any kind, whatever feeds the soul.

Do you offer yourself enough water to nurture yourself?

And of course, we need the soil. We need to have our roots being deep and healthy to be grounded.

The soil might be our relationships.

Look at them.

Are your relationships healthy? Are you surrounding yourself with people that leave you being and becoming better, that are there for you, that love you just as you are?

Can you feel balanced and grounded with the relationships you have?

What can you change to grow the way it feels good for you?

What can you take more care of?

How can you fill yourself with enough light and water, standing tall on your ground?