Life - Free Download

There is no App for Life.


There is no click on a button that

sends the relationship of your dreams to your doorstep,

a fantastic job and career,

an extraordinary vacation in the most exotic spot.


Amazon doesn't deliver meaningful happiness.

Google doesn't make you go places and experience something.

Facebook is not the answer to friendship and love.

Life cannot be ordered and paid by PayPal.


Life is to be lived and experienced.

As beautiful, as mind blowing, as subtle,

as boring, as painful, as lonely it can be,

it is what it is.



A journey without an end-product

other than

continuous growth,

inner richness,

tested patience,

experiences of all different kinds, that can feel amazing or horrible,

inner contentment, more wisdom and happiness,

traps, holes, bridges, paths, flights, obstacles, free views.


Sometimes you won't get what you want.

Sometimes you will struggle.

Sometimes people will turn their back on you.

Sometimes there is no one, that you called a friend, that will help you back up.

Sometimes you won't know what to decide, where to go and what to do.


Sometimes you get something you haven't expected at all and it makes you smile and happy.

Sometimes that struggle you went through shows you, how strong you really are.

Sometimes rejections turn out to be a blessing and you can spend more time with people that love you just as you are.

Sometimes, when all friends are gone, help and support comes along from people you haven't expected to be there at all.

Sometimes help and support comes along, when it is you that reaches out, bravely.

Sometimes it is gold to wait, to see, to examine and take time to find out, in your own time, where to go next.


And sometimes it is simply smooth sailing.


And still,

all of this,

you can do this!


just because,

life, you know.


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