Fear of the Unknown, a thought about Uncertainty

So many of my clients dread uncertainty and right now it is just more present than maybe ever for some.

Let's have a look at the perspective. Not knowing what is coming can be really scary, when your thinking goes doom and gloom. But does it make the outcome more true?

Not knowing what is coming when you fall in love is normally perceived as really exciting.The novelty about it all, the surprises, the energy you get, the motivation and the way you see the world and how the world seems to see you.

Imagine you fall in love and you knew everything about it already right from the start.

You knew every detail about your new partner, the lovely ones, the not so lovely ones.

You knew, what you were doing at any given moment in time. You knew right from the start, where this new relationship is going.

uncertainty, unknown, stress, anxiety, overwhelm

Let me ask you: How exciting would that be then?

Is the uncertainty not part of the excitement?

Is it not part of what makes this new love lifely?

So why would it be different now?

It always depends on you and what you decide to take in or not.

What kind of thoughts you allow to sit and what you begin to ignore in the meantime.

Every time you focus on doom and gloom you see even more of it. And it will eat you from the inside. You miss out on all the rest, that is also there, but becomes invisible to you.

Remember, the thoughts you choose to indulge in and that make you feel a certain way don't tell you anything about any kind of truth or result!

Therefore I encourage you here and there to pause and change perspective.

Fall in love!

Fall in love with life.

Fall in love with your time.

Fall in love with the little things around you.

Fall in love with yourself.

Fall in love with what you have.

Fall in love with what you do.

Fall in love with uncertainty.

And isn't it a much better place to be ...