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Are Emotions Dangerous?

Fears and anxiety can feel very uncomfortable.

Their aim is to get your body moving. The aim is to deal with something important.

The experience of anxiety on an emotional level is completely safe.

As uncomfortable as anxiety can feel, remember, your body and your mind work like a perfect team together.

The emotional part of your brain is sending signals to your body to react in an appropriate manner, creating a feeling of either fighting, fleeing, or freezing to escape the situation.

It is like a rush that lasts around 90 seconds when you stop resisting.

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You can give yourself the permission to feel some discomfort and think to yourself, that this is ok to experience right now. You give your body permission to ride a wave for 90 seconds.

Your experience is safe.

The feeling of anxiety is safe, in and of itself, as for nothing is happening right then when you worry, nothing is happening right then when you overthink, because when you worry and overthink you can be sure that you have time to worry and overthink and when you have time to do that you are not called to action to become safe from danger,

as you are already safe.

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