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From Fan to Hero: How Role Modeling Can Help You Level Up

We all know those times when we don't feel on top of the world.

Insecurity bites us, we are swimming in the sea of self-doubt, and we feel low and/or fearful, and anxious.

Those are times when we wish we would just have that confidence that keeps us going.

That confidence that tells us, we can handle this,

That confidence that makes us feel stronger,

That confidence allows us to speak up, stand tall, and move forward.

Confidence tells us something about our innate trust in ourselves, in our skills and capabilities.

We all feel that confidence in many areas of our life.

We do know we are not those helpless bundles that need to be taken off the ground.

There are a lot of things we do every day to be sure about ourselves and thus confident.

That is such a natural mechanism, that we overlook it because it feels so normal.

We only notice moments in time, when we lack that natural feeling and wish we would have more of it.

And then we want it NOW!

This often applies in specific situations, where we wish to feel confident and appear strong.

For example before public speaking or before we go to meetings or networking events, places where we need to shine and behave socially and openly.

One way to instantly raise a level of confidence is by borrowing it for a moment from others.

This is called role modeling.

Moving the focus away from ourselves and how we might be perceived by others in and of itself helps us already to feel more confident.

The goal of modeling is to step into the shoes of someone else who has the qualities you desire.

That way you are able to adjust your inside according to what you think it is you want or need.

So think of someone you believe is confident in that specific area you wish to be more confident in.

This person you will model could be anyone, real or imagined.

Maybe this someone is doing exceptionally well in public speaking.

Maybe this someone is highly charismatic and can sell anything to anyone.

Maybe this someone is confidently outgoing and social.

Maybe it is an actor, a fictional character, someone you know personally and admire, or a cartoon. It doesn't matter.

When you found that someone you can become curious and playful.

It is your time to BECOME that person. Study them well.

  • How does this person hold themselves? How do they stand?

  • How do they move? How do they gesture? How do they walk?

  • How do they speak? What do they say?

  • What do they express with their faces and their bodies?

  • How do they laugh, and smile?

  • How do they breathe?

And now it is your turn!

Step into that role, being that person or character fully and completely.

Talk like them. You can talk to a mirror, to a wall, or to your pets.

Move and behave like they would move and behave.

Adjust your body language, your tone, and your breathing.

Feel how it is being THEM.

You will notice, by stepping fully into that other person's mannerisms and behaviors that you wish you would have more of now, you will create feelings of confidence, charisma, joy, whatever it is you pick.

It is borrowed, yes.

But you can learn more of that with time and make it yours.

It will become natural with time, second nature, and easier to create confidence, even when you don't quite feel it.

I played with this not that long ago.

I have chosen 4 ladies that mean something to me. And I stepped into being them.

Not only was it a lot of fun doing it,

but it also felt really great!

Now it's your time to start adopting those habits and thought patterns. This is where the real power of role modeling comes in. Start small by incorporating one habit at a time into your daily routine. Over time, you'll begin to see a shift in your own mindset and behaviors.

Remember, role modeling isn't about copying someone else's life or personality. It's about adopting the habits and mindsets that have made them successful. By doing so, you can unlock your own superhero potential and achieve your own goals. So go ahead, channel your inner superhero, and start role modeling today!


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