Boost your mental and physical Health

Boost your mental and physical health with this super fast and easy exercise. When you feel good, you smile or chuckle or laugh, you are not only helping yourself to move from an anxious, stressed, depressed, angry or otherwise unpleasant state to a lighter and better one, but you also help yourself to strengthen your physical health from the inside. So why not using the power of your mind?! Enjoy!

Step by Step:

  1. - Think of a time that you felt really good, maybe you felt relaxed or maybe you were having a laugh with a friend. Whatever you were doing does not matter. It’s your own private personal experience. So, take a moment to get that time in your mind.

  2. - I want you to create a one-minute video of this.

  3. Close your eyes and create a movie scene of this time.

  4. - Run your movie and open your eyes when you have finished your one-minute video clip.

  5. - Allow your unconscious mind to tell you when the minute is up.

This can be used at any time and any where. It’s something to add to your toolbox to recreate those good feelings.