Be You.

Many people think it gets them love and respect from others if they only please enough, bending over their own boundaries and limits.

That is not the case.

You only get drained, frustrated and cynical because you are acting from a place of lack and expecting others to fill the hole inside. They won't. You end up used and taken advantage of.

When you love first and your actions come from a place that you filled with love yourself, you will find yourself in another place. You behave without neediness, without demands, without must-get-back-s. You will feel more free and satisfied and you will receive.

It's liberating to know you can't do it right or wrong. Whatever it is you do is right for some, wrong for others. Some will want to be your friends, others unfriend you for the same reason.

All you can rely on is how you feel about the things you do, think and say and if you would want to be your own friend because of that.

The rest will find you.

I admit, it needs trust in yourself and confidence. But you can't wait for those things to come to you and only then you dare to be yourself. They come, when you do, think and say the things that make you you, first.

Be you.