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Damian Hall 3 Tips for physical & mental wellbeing (Part 3)

Ask the Experts.

I have been asking dear friends and colleagues, experts in their field, for their 3 Top Tipps on how to keep mentally and physically healthy and sane in these challenging, uncertain and also interesting times.

I am very happy some agreed to a little interview.

Here is what they say.

Meet my friend Damian Hall,

as I am typing with shivering hands having just finished my morning exercise.

I never thought I would get myself to exercise, Damian made me do it :)

Damian is a Personal Trainer and Coach in Dublin, Ireland. He focuses on the complete well being of body and mind, involving nutrition, exercise and mindset.

He has his 3 Top Tipps today for keeping the mind and body fit and healthy right now.

Enjoy and get moving with Damian.

Find out more about him on here and all other possible social media platforms:


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