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All those wasted years...or are they?- 8 lessons for artists

The Power of Support: My Father’s Story and 8 lessons for artists

Two weeks ago, after a long wait, I finally had the opportunity to visit my parents again. And I tell you this because it got me so inspired and fired up, I need to share my insights with you.

I remembered things I have forgotten or buried deep within myself a long time ago.

My father is 82 years old and has helped many people all his life. But he lived his real love hidden from the world. For decades he painted in his spare time, never considering to share any of it to the world. We share the same love and had lots of wonderful conversations and mutual inspiration over the years. He still asks me about my thoughts and opinions, when he presents new artwork to me.

And the day came when he was offered his first exhibition. Our excitement knew no bounds and I hopped over to help him with all the necessary steps to take to create a beautiful show with him.

We had so much fun and felt like two fishes in the water. It was home.

And I took some valuable lessons with me that I want to share with you, no matter where you are in your life:

My father is an artist, always was. He went professionally a different way and still: Nothing was able to kill this passion, and this was my

1st lesson: 

Nothing dies.

And nothing died within me either. I used to think I left my identity as an artist somewhere in a closet and closed it forever. How wrong was I. 

For a while now I have restarted to create and take it in tiny steps, calling my things "doodles". But they mean the world to me because I restarted to create, I restarted to feel this aliveness and flow when I immerse myself in doing something I really love doing.

2nd lesson:

Your identity does not equal the quantity of your production or your output. The famous Belgian Painter Luc Tuymans had a time in his life, when he didn't paint at all. I think it was around the two years mark. Did it mean, he wasn't an artist at that time?

In my own experience and the experience of many artists, I know this is a source of deep self-doubt and fear. When I don't produce I am not an artist anymore. And who am I then?

3rd lesson:

Who you are is multi-leveled. You are not either or, ever. You are many different things. You can have many different paths, interests, and passions. What lights you up is right, and doesn't need to be questioned.

4th lesson:

When you detach yourself from the outcome, the result, the "should", the "others", that is when you can be and do freely. 

5th lesson:

It is never too late. 

My father had his first exhibition at 82! 

On opening night, I had lovely conversations with people as old as 97. They shared their stories and even showed me their paintings.

6th lesson: 

Creativity, curiosity, and playfulness are massive drivers in life that can give us the courage and motivation to keep going through the darkest times.

And here we are. Lesson 7:

People need to be seen!

Great Art needs to be seen!

You need to be seen!

Shared love and appreciation for something bigger than oneself is what brings people together, what deeply connects them, and what lets them come to life and feel alive.

We need to think more often about what unites all of us and not what divides us.

And I hope I can spark that little light inside you today. 

As Morrissey used to sing: "There is a light that never goes out."

That's right.

my warm regards,


christine and dr. helmut philipp opening night
my father on opening night

PS: And while I am so on fire right now, I totally forgot what else came out of this visit.

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I guess, nothing is ever wasted, lesson 8!


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