Fear of Failure & how to be smarter than that

Fear of Failure - oh how well do we all know this one.

It stops us from doing things we would like to do,

saying things that we would like to say,

speaking up, having our opinion and voice,

just being the way we can be, silly, clumsy, fun to be around.

So afraid of criticism and rejection, that we'd rather stay hidden, grey, invisible. Nothing can happen, no mistake can be made, if we do nothing, right?

What is the result of that?

You end up doing nothing, saying nothing. You stop living, stop breathing freely. You feel nervous and tense every day, you isolate yourself, your heart is beating fast, the moment someone asks you something. You step back from personal and professional opportunities. You feel incompetent, stupid, a loser.

You avoid anything that could take off the perfect mask you're wearing day by day. And you reinforce that fear by the minute. The stronger it gets, the more you need to avoid. You're trapped.


fear of failure

I want you to take a deep breath and ask yourself the question:

What is the worst, that could happen?

You might reply, I lose my face, I stumble, I make myself look ridiculous, people might leave me, thinking I am stupid.

So far so good, yet there is not the end: What would be so scary about THAT?

And repeat asking that question.

Faster than you think you will arrive at the point not knowing anymore, what actually would be so scary about it and mostly it turns out, there is not much to fear about.


What does that do with your fear of failure?

And what would be failure in your eyes?

Every mistake is good, no one was born an expert of all trades. You have to begin somewhere and learn. Mistakes are part of that process to become good at something. Dare to experience the world through Beginners Eyes, open and curious. Remember how you were learning, when you were a child. You were exploring the world around you, you were courageous, stumbeling, falling, getting back up. You smiled at the world and the world smiled back at you.

"Failure" is feedback, a lesson, a learning opportunity.

Coming from that mindset, you can change your perception of the world in an instant. Fear is turned into opportunity and what a free place to be is that.

Happy discovering!

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