TOP-Exercises to challenge your negative thinking instantly:

TOP-Exercises to challenge your negative thinking instantly:

Your internal dialogue is feeding you with negative thoughts and you have the power to weaken them. Speak internally with yourself or write everything down.


If you become aware of things you say to yourself, like:

“I am not good enough.”

“I am stupid.”

“I can’t do this.”


You will notice, that those are ABSOLUTE statements.

Nothing in this world is absolute, not even your thoughts.

Therefore just challenge those statements with one simple addition:


So you turn an absolute statement into something more relative and it loses it’s total hold of you:

“I am not good enough, but…..(fill in the blank)……” etc.

You will notice, that “BUT” adds another perspective, gives a positive addition, changes your black and white perception of things. Your mind tends to remember the statement after "but" easier, than the beginning of the sentence.


When your inner chatter is getting louder and louder and you hear some inner voice minimizing you and critizing you,


You can make them sound like a comic figure, even adding some funny music to it in your head,

ridiculize the voice,

change the speed, hear it in slow motion or fast forward.

Soon you can’t help it, but laugh and your negative perspective on things is wiped out.


Distance yourself from your inner voice. Talk to yourself in 3rd Person:

Turn “I am stupid.”

into “He/She is stupid.”


Dissociating yourself from your internal dialogue, takes away the strong emotional response. It’s not about you anymore.

It’s not that close and personal anymore.

We are all getting better with regular exercise. Therefore practice those tipps as often as possible and watch negativity melting like snow.

Give it a go!

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