Creating Positive Thoughts

Creating Positive Thoughts

You think you are not good enough and you don’t deserve love, friends, success, a happy life.

You compare yourself with others and feel you are too ugly, not funny enough, not smart enough and probably too fat anyway.

Everyone else seems to live a fullfilled life, except you?

Your feelings and your thoughts block you mentally and emotionally.

You develop anxieties and you feel stuck.

You isolate yourself more and more.

You feel lost, low, insecure and lonely, trapped in your own mind.

Those thoughts are painful everyday, they pull you down and even have the power to ruin what would otherwise be a beautiful moment. You feel hopeless and helpless, you cannot enjoy anything in life.

Here comes the good news: these are THOUGHTS. At the moment they may seem so powerful to you, destroying every joy you could have instead. Just imagine for a moment, how it would feel like if you would be able to develop different thoughts?

Do the following Exercise when you feel trapped in negative beliefs:

List all your negative beliefs on the left side of a table, and on the right side of the table you will list the positive belief.

Find positive questions and statements to the negatives you wrote down on the left side.

“Our focus creates reality”

When your focus is on your personal failure and all the things that could go wrong, you amplify your negative feelings about yourself and your environment. The stronger those thoughts are, the more insecure and helpless you feel and the more you open the door for behavior that reinforces your negative thinking.

While it has been more difficult to fill the right side of your table with Positive Beliefs, you might still have noticed a shift in your perception and emotional state, while you were thinking of positives and writing them down. Haven’t you?

Your focus switched to the positives and hence your emotional state has changed. The stronger your focus on the right side becomes, the better you will start to feel. The better you start to feel, the stronger and more confident you become.

The stronger and more confident you become, the weaker and more insignificant your fear, until it fades into being just another memory of the past.

Creating Positive Thoughts

To avoid being trapped by your negative thoughts, you need to reverse your attitude and actively create some positive thoughts in your mind instead. There are several tools and techniques to help you with that. I want to introduce this one to you today:


Create a dialogue between yourself and your Fear. You can do that in front of a mirror, out loud, or in writing. Take interactively the position of your fear and yourself. The fear will feed you with all sorts of arguments, why it is there and wants to stay.

Your task is to counter and challenge all statements of fear with objective replies. Keep in mind asking questions like:

• Is it true, that…?

• How likely is … to happen, even if it happened before?

• Where is the evidence of the fact that…is for 100% about to happen?

• How real is…?

Notice how YOUR voice becomes louder than the voice of fear running out of argument.

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