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Monthly Transformational Guided Meditations

Are you feeling stuck, undeserving, and unworthy of love, success, and living a happy and fulfilled life? Then those meditations are for you. Treat yourself to freedom.

Is your mind circling around the same questions over and over with no sign of a way out?

Do you want to change something within yourself but don't know how?

Do you feel as if you can't progress in life, always stumbling upon the same old self-doubt and familiar fears?

Do you feel stressed, on the edge, and restless a lot or even most of the time? 

If the answer was yes to any (or maybe all) of the above, why not treat yourself to a monthly session that can transform the way you think and feel? You can overcome those challenges and create lasting change for yourself. Maybe you find a way out, a new perspective, an aha moment, a solution, or a deep insight. Everything is possible and the Guided Meditations at Hypnosalon might even change more for you than you think. 

Learn to release the blocks to your true self-confidence and transform your life by releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back. Let go of anxiety, and regain your freedom. Self-doubt and feelings of stuckness can become just a thing of the past. Find your own answers and feel happier NOW. 

What could you achieve without the one thing that's been blocking you? Ready to find out?

Don't wait any longer and book your first session here today. I offer those online group meditations exclusively over Zoom once a month, every last Thursday of the month. I will cover different topics each month, that will bring you closer to your personal happiness. Sometimes I will invite a guest, that will bring something new or interesting to the table.

The Hypnosalon-sessions can become part of your self-care, a spa for the mind, a beginning of something new, a gentle transformation. Your subconscious mind will choose.  

You can book session by session or commit to a full year of monthly meditations, for an advantageous investment. 


Don't worry, you won't have to talk or share anything if you don't wish to. Just lean back from the safety and comfort of your home, put your headphones on, and make sure you won't be disturbed for the duration of the session.

Download the list of the planned session topics for 2023 by pressing the button below. I hope to see you soon.


45 min - max. 1 hr

Fully Booked 

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