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This recording is for you, when you are worrying and overthinking, constantly doubting yourself in your capabilities and as the person you are. Maybe you find it hard to believe you are likeable and lovable.

Maybe you always need the reassurance from other people, telling you and showing you are worth something,

but still you cannot quite believe it, although someone is nice and kind to you.

Maybe your insecurity is affecting all areas of your life, but maybe only one or two.

But when you have enough of feeling full of self doubt, then

this recording can help you to let go of of Insecurity, while you are relaxed and in a nice hypnotic state.

Listening to this MP3 can help you to find calm and feeling more relaxed about who you are in an effortless way. The more you listen to it, the deeper you can create this new sense of self, becoming more indifferent to nagging thoughts or what others might think of you. You can find this inner stability by yourself in a natural way. Enjoy!

NOTE: Do not listen to this MP3 if you need to drive or work any machinery. Make sure, you have enough time for yourself, where you can be undisturbed. Turn off all unnecessary devices, close doors, if need be and find yourself a comfortable place. This MP3 is around 20 Minutes long, enjoy this time and feelings of ease, calm and relaxation.

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