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How to Overcome Anxiety


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In those times of anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity, which can fuel anxiety to new levels

I would like to offer you a time-out.
You are free to download, enjoy and share this meditation

that should help you to find a place of calm, peace and stability inside.

Are you afraid of losing yourself in those current circumstances?

Are you feeling lonely, isolated and therefore finding yourself ruminating and worrying,

becoming more and more anxious?

Are you feeling stuck,

becoming nervous and on edge, when your partner beside you is just making a "wrong move"?

Being too close, being too far apart, so many reasons can lead to a feeling of losing yourself.

For those of you who can relate I have prepared a self hypnotic recording that is available here. It will be free to download for a limited time only.

Relax back, calm the mental chatter, experience yourself again deeply and create and maintain healthy boundaries along the way.

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