A Love Story

Made with Love.

A book with Affirmations for more Confidence and healthy Self Esteem.

A little gentle push to more self love and compassion.

You can see the full book "live" by clicking the image above.

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May it help you to be kinder to yourself.

How to practise
Self Compassion

Do you feel like your worst enemy and beat yourself up for the slightest slip or mistake?

Do you feel less than everybody else, never perfect, not to mention even good enough?

Learn to treat yourself with a more kind and compassionate approach and download your cheat sheet today.

self compassion.png

Boost your strengths worksheet

A lot of us have the tendency to focus more on a lack in life and perceived weaknesses in ourselves.


As that keeps us feeling insecure and doubting I have created an exercise and reflection sheet to help you to change focus and to boost your strengths instead.

It serves you as a moment of contemplation about yourself moving out of the rut of self doubt, anxiety or depression.


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