What do you want to set yourself free from?

What could your life look like without the things holding you back?


Imagine it,

and now believe that it can happen for you.

Hypnotherapy without the trance

Hypnotherapy can help you to create lasting change in your life, changing your mindset to one of confidence, and empowerment. 

This is a life-changing session that will give you the tools and mindset to create the life you want, free from what is holding you back.

Are you ready?

From boosting your self-esteem and releasing anxiety, to changing bad habits and creating new positive ones, hypnotherapy can help.

How Sessions Work

The first step is always to do an initial consultation. This is to make sure we can work together and are a good fit. You need to meet me and make sure I’m the right person to help you, and I need to meet you to make sure your mind responds well to the way I work. From there, if you wish to go ahead, you’ll have the option of doing a three-session program with me.


The first consultation is FREE of charge. However, I do ask for a deposit to secure your and my time. If we don't continue the work, the deposit will be refunded. 

Sessions can take place face-to-face or via Zoom online video. There is no difference in effectiveness, simply choose the best option for you. 

Initial Consultation

Book your initial consultation today to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you break free from what is holding you back and bring confidence and power to your life. 

The first step

45min | €50

Top-up session

If you have had  hypnotherapy sessions with me in the past and wish to book a top-up hypnotherapy session, please click here.

1 hr