Hypnobirthing - FULL VERSION

Hypnobirthing - FULL VERSION


This Practical Home Study Guide to Hypnobirthing focuses mainly on removing any fears, stress and anxieties around one of the most incredible experiences of life. It is is meant to help you with your mindset, outlook and attitude towards labour and birth. The goal is to allow you to feel confident, positive, joyful and excited towards your experience and give birth in a peaceful and more calm way.
- This guide provides an overall overview over the process of labour and birth.

- You will learn how stress and anxiety can influence your birth experience.

- You receive all the scripts for your meditation/hypnosis exercises, so your partner or you can read them and/or create recordings to listen to, if you wish.

- This version offers you all of the 10 scripts already recorded as an mp3 file for you to relax and enjoy alone or with your partner.

- You will learn to relax easier, deeper and better.

- You will be able to change your thought processes towards confidence and positivity.
- You will learn skills for life you can use in any other situation that is stressful and challenging, while you can stay in control over the way you think, feel and behave

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