World Hypnotism Day- Let's talk about that.

Watch out! Someone might want to turn you into a chicken today. - Oldie, but Goldie. People still believe all kinds of interesting things about Hypnosis. Which is why this day was created in the first place. The first World Hypnotism Day happened in 2006 and was dedicated in honour of an Irish Hypnotherapist. - The purpose of this day is to educate people about Hypnosis and dispel misconceptions and prejudices.

What is Hypnosis? Honestly, it is easier to say what it is not and that is what this day is for: - It is not mind control in the sense, that you hand over your power to a hypnotist, which will do whatever (s)he pleases to do. You are the one in control of your response. You either want the experience or you don't. - It is not woo-woo, black magic, a dark force. It is natural and everyone experiences it all the time in one way or another. - You won't ever say or do things you wouldn't say or do in other circumstances. Hence, your dark secrets are safe. - You are not asleep, nor will you fall unconscious. You are awake and aware and you will hear everything that is been said. - It is not a magic pill and won't change anything you are not up to to be changed. The responsibility for change is always in your hands. Sorry about that. - No one can turn you into believing you are Michael Jackson, unless you wish to. - I can't be hypnotised, I am too strong and intelligent for this. Only gullible, weak or dumb people can be hypnotised. It's quite the opposite! You need to focus, understand what is said and engage. You play a huge part in this collaboration! It is not a one-way-street. - People do not get stuck in Hypnosis. As you are in control, awake and aware you can always just get up and leave the room. But why would you want to. - Relaxation is a nice-to-have, but not a necessity to Hypnosis. You don't even need any so called "trance-state" for Hypnosis. But feel free to relax. - Let me know in the comments, what other myths you can think of, that are still alive, around and about? - So what is it then? You will hear as many opinions out there as you ask people. And probably they all might have a point. - I personally cannot say it in a crisp one liner. - What I can say for sure is: It is a natural occurrence, a personal and unique experience that you create within yourself, through focus and attention, that can help you to transform something about the way you think, feel and behave in a positive way, as far as you give yourself permission to do so. It can look and feel different each time and sometimes it is easier than other times. - It serves our overall (physical, mental and emotional) well being, outlook and attitude on life. It can be fun and beneficial. - I don't want to live without it. - #christinephilipphypnotist #howmuchhappinesscanyoustand #anxiety #brussels #belgium #anxietysolutions #happinesscoding

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