Willpower & Change

How often do we feel stuck in a certain way of thinking, feeling and behaving? Rationally we all know it better, don't we.

Yet it seems to be so hard to change something that has been with us maybe for years. We might even believe that is who we are and we have to live with that. We tried so much to change,

we have put so much work and effort into "getting rid" of "that problem",

but that certain belief, that certain behavior, that habit and that certain way of feeling still seem to have power over us. It is exhausting.

Does it have to be this way? Why is change so annoyingly hard, when we want it so much. In this video I talk a little bit about willpower and change and how to make change easy and effortless instead.

Enjoy it and play with the little exercise I introduce. And let me know, what you have experienced.

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