The Power of Hope and Care

Sometimes the work we do really gets under my skin.

Today I made a home visit to a former client of mine.

The first time she came to see me in the beginning of this year, she was planning her death.

Everything was already prepared for. She just had to give green light.

She said she couldn't live any longer, suffering too much with her chronic condition. She would have left 2 little children and a loving husband behind.

I wanted to do whatever I could to help her, giving her hope, more stability, more joy.

And it worked.

She felt so much better, physically and mentally stronger.

She was stabile, able to leave the house, seeing friends, taking care of her kids, groceries...

I was over the moon for her, seeing her living her life the best way she could.

Yesterday she contacted me after months and I went to see her this morning. She can't leave the house now for most of the time, barely speaks, her condition worsens slowly.

She said, she is so grateful for the work we have done in the past,

because now there is hope on the horizon.

A brandnew treatment she qualifies for and will be able to attend soon.

She was so grateful, that she didn't go through with her plan to die earlier this year.

And I am so happy she is still there. We did a session at her place and I saw her more positive, smiling, energised, physically stronger.

She made some tea and I am sitting there, thinking,

how precious life is and

how powerful hope is and

that sometimes being there for someone can save lifes.

I am wishing her getting the best out of that new treatment, feeling better and better, being able to be a mother and wife with love and smiles.

It really touched me strongly today and I wanted to share.

Thanks for reading.

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