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What is the value in changework? What is the benefit for all this money I put in?- you may ask.

Last month a former client of mine asked me to provide her with a special, personalized, intensive and transformational program to improve different areas of her life. It was worth to her to pay a premium price for that. In fact, she proposed that.

At first I was hesitant to take on this project, yet it turned out to be such a great experience for both of us, and she has reached such a powerful transformation in just 2 weeks. We have worked in a very concentrated way on several different areas and really took time for everything she needed. She loved her much improved "self" a lot more, she felt so confident and comfortable in herself and life got so much easier for her. It was so much fun to see her come out of the shell and blossom into who she wanted to be. It was a gift to me to see her so engaged, determined and joyful.

The work we do for people can change lifes, for the better of course. It certainly did and does change my life, when I received help from a dear colleague/friend for something I would have liked to improve and also, when I see what benefit my clients get out of our time together. I never forget the amount of value, wisdom and passion I got and am forever grateful to those amazing colleagues (and friends) of mine.

It is priceless to me to invest in myself and to go through life more empowered as a result, as well as for the people investing and engaging themselves and in our work together. Taking on board what they experience and learn as well and create their life in a different way, with much more ease and courage.

This is my daily inspiration and motivation to provide the best service I can provide.

Thank you my dear friends, colleagues and clients for bringing the best out of me and for making it so easy and effortless to operate from a place of genuine love, the best place to live from.


Two months later I have a received a wonderful feedback from her, I would like to share:

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