No loss, but gain

How there is nothing you can lose and so much to gain in any situation. Clients often tell me they are so afraid of losing something: losing their job, losing their friends, losing their partner, losing any kind of approval from someone, losing respect, losing love, losing their anxiety/depression (yes, you heard me.) I won't sugar coat anything here. Some things people experience in their life can feel unbearable, impossible to take and to overcome. Some of those things feel only like a loss, at first. There is nothing "positive" to be found, not to mention to gain. And when people tell you, just to see the positive in this or that, just to move on, that's life, get over it, you feel misunderstood in your pain, and to be honest, some simply do not understand it. The importance for me today to send you the message of how you cannot really lose, but win, has a deep personal connotation. 2 years ago, today, my partner has passed away after a period of extreme pain and suffering. That was the day, that changed everything for me. I felt I was dying with him. I felt I have lost everything, my love, my life, my plans, my future, my dreams, you name it. Now, 2 years later, I don't have the feeling of loss inside of me that much. He is physically gone, but all that matters, the love has never left me. It is with me all the time and it spreads. It spreads to my loved ones, it spreads to the world, nature, friends that matter, people I work with. Plans and dreams have changed, are different, not lost. My life is very different and still shifting and changing, not lost. I feel that pain has really changed me and how I show up in the world, I am not lost. What I have "lost" is the fear of losing him and false people. And I am so ok with that loss. So when you are in a situation that feels like there can't be any tomorrow, please keep that in mind. It will change things for you, but you won't lose. Your view changes, you change, maybe the people around you change. When your time has come to be again more open to the world around you you will suddenly notice, that that change had something to give, just maybe not the thing you were expecting, and yet, a gift. It is safe! I hope, that helps some of you to keep breathing, keep going, keep living.

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