New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions.

Ditch them if:

you actually don't really want that change,

the changes you want to make aren't really yours,

but changes other people impose on you,

if you feel social pressure,

feel forced to change on any level.

And if you don't want to change at all, that is absolutely ok, too!

Yet if there is something you find would make your life better, set yourself up for a successful change effortlessly:

Find out, what it is specifically you would like to change for yourself.

What would be the benefit of achieving that?

How would it feel?

Involve yourself emotionally into that vision.

Remember how you learned to walk and talk.

How often you have failed, stumbled, laughed it off and got back up.

Remember how it didn't feel like work, but more like play.

When you want to create that change for yourself with a more playful attitude, it becomes easy learning.

You decided to walk, so that's what you did.

You didn't return to crawling, did you.

Decide that this is the change you want for yourself, first.

Remember, no one started off as an expert.

You learn as you do.

It is a process, that doesn't start the 31st of december and ends as a failure 2 weeks later.

No, it is ongoing, all the time, every day.

Give yourself permission to move slow, to fall, to hurt along the way.

Imperfectly perfect.

Sometimes you might stumble upon obstacles and blocks that you feel are somehow inside of you. As if you hold on to that old self unconsciously. And there are reasons for that.

Find those and changing feels easier.

Take your time, make it flow, learn at your own pace.

Do every day just a little, just as much as you are able to achieve easily. That way you feel you have succeeded rather than failed (again).

Don't beat yourself up if something takes longer, than you pressured yourself into.

Enjoy being human!

Enjoy playing!

Stay curious!

Be kind to yourself.

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