Make every year Your year

We are just moments away from the beginning of a new decade. Will those 20'ies become your roaring 20'ies? You can make them to.

End of December PRO-TIP:

When you feel meh about the new year ahead, do create a bit of a vision for yourself.

What will really count for you next year?

What is really important?

What would you like more of?

How would you like to be?

And distill it down to only one word.

Make this one word THE word for next year, like your personal slogan.

This one word will be sitting in your unconscious, while you are aligning your actions in tune with that one word.

Here and there your mind will remind you of that one word/slogan and you can check in with yourself, how you're doing so far.

I personally found this to be extremely useful since I adopted this into my life. It helps to stay on course with what matters to you.

So you can begin already now to think about, which one word you would choose, that will be by your side all along 2020.

I already have mine 😉

Happy New Year!

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