Letting Go

On my walk in my neighbourhood today I came across this stunning view.

A reminder of change, of deconstruction and construction, of letting go of something old to build something new.

I wonder what could you finally let go of to make space for something new?

As the situation has just switched without our doing, how are you adapting?

Do you find yourself focusing on problems and on all the things that are going "wrong"?

Or do you find yourself discovering something interesting?

Do you keep your mind open?

Change is inevitable and the past weeks have proven just that in a significant way.

Do you find yourself struggling with the loss of the old?

Or are you being curious in a way to find out what this new can bring to you and how it can enrich your life? Maybe you are even surprising yourself by how well you're going through the days, how resilient you really are?

Is now the time for you to let go of something old, just as effortless as nature does?

Even if you have no clue what that new could be?

Can it be now that you begin to grow out of old patterns that are no longer serving?

Can you remove some obstacles in your mind that block the view on beauty?

In any way, sometimes we all come across some obstacles that we can use help and support with. Is there something you could use help with? Is that the time to ask?

Enjoy this fantastic Sunday today. Be well.

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