Home Alone

There you are. At home all by yourself. Having more time on your hands. Distractions are limited and your thoughts have space. And now it bubbles up. Something you have successfully ignored and repressed as long as you kept yourself just busy enough. Work, meetings, gym, colleagues, friends, bars, restaurants, vacation - your perfect constructed armour. Boom. What now. Old Fears show up and say hi, a feeling of deep seated Loneliness, long forgotten Emptiness, Boredom, a deep sense of being abandonded. Things you were locking away and covering up. Those things don't just go away and now you know it.

And now you have the time to do something about it. This is a chance to change perspective and to understand your peace and happiness is not depending on the outside world as it used to be, as you were trying to go through life disconnected from yourself. When those things fall apart for a while, who are you? What is left? You gain the opportunity now to get to know yourself better. You can take a deep breath, looking around, outside your box. Readjust yourself, what is really important to you? What are your needs, what makes you feel good? How can you fill those holes now with your own resources? What are your own resources? Do you remember them? What is it you enjoy doing by yourself for yourself?

"Alright, I am scared and stressed. I accept this feeling being here right now. But I decide to use this energy for something more useful.

I can become creative. I can redecorate my apartment. I can learn some fun DIY stuff. I can contact loved ones. I can do something productive. I can try new recipes. I can spring clean, declutter. I still can make someone and myself laugh. I am not losing my sense of humour. It keeps me mentally sane and boosts my physical health. I can help someone. I can learn something. I can use the time now to relax as well. I have time for myself. I can enjoy the beauty of spring unfolding, enjoying the sun. I know, this too shall pass. I know, I am safe." You are not alone and left out. I am here to support you to make the most of this time for your personal learning. We are standing together or apart. I prefer we stand together. We are lucky to have means of communication that allow us to be distant and yet close to each other. This is a good time to use them mindfully. If you feel you need support, an ear, a shoulder and you feel there is no one you can really open up to around you, book a call. Let's get you standing tall and securely grounded on your feet. Click Here to Book.

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