What you focus on creates your reality

You saw those shoes in one of those shop windows. Those are the shoes you need to buy, you think. They go with everything you have and they are very special. No one else will have them, except you. So you get all excited and get them. You don't care they come with a price. They are gorgeous, you need them- now.

What happens next we all have experienced in one way or another. Suddenly everybody has those shoes, the whole city, every second woman is wearing them with pride. You see them left, right and center. You cannot help, but be disappointed. Why haven't you noticed that before?

Here is the thing. Your brain does, what your brain does. There is a network of neurons, a part in your brain, called the Reticular Activating System focusing on things it thinks you want to focus on. When you have a fear of flying, for example, you most certainly remember every plane crash there was and elegantly ignore the thousands of flights that are landing safely every day. (My clients that come to overcome their fear of flying certainly do). When you feel not good enough your brain is on the lookout for everything that can prove that belief. Every mistake becomes an elephant, every "weird" look or word that somewhat sounded unfriendly from someone points to that direction. Yet, your brain doesn't want to disappoint you or make you suffer. Your brain is basically "thinking" it is doing you a favor. What you are focused on is reinforced. Therefore you are always "right" :). Your brain is your biggest fan and this is one way it demonstrates it to you. How to change that. Well, those processes are running out of your conscious awareness, your subconscious part is running your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts around things, your behavior. So change needs to happen there, at the source. How can you achieve that. There are tons of ways, some take more effort and time than others. Mindfulness and meditation could help. Self Hypnosis could help, Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists could help. If there is something you would like to change in the way you think, feel, behave, get in touch and let's have a first free consultation to see, if we are a good fit and if I can help you with your specific issue.

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